Mr. Miguel Carranza founder and owner of El Corredor Restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

On November 1988, Miguel Carranza arrived in the U.S.A at the age of 17.  His uncle paid the trip to the U.S best program to youtube. in order for Miguel to finish school in Austin, Texas.  He arrived in Los Angeles and stayed at the home of his cousin’s mother-in-law.  His uncle sent him $1,500.00 in order to enroll in a school in Los Angeles scriptly kostenlos. Regretfully, because he had to pay rent to the he ran out of money and couldn’t enroll. Instead Miguel, started to help with her children by taking them to school and looking after them afterwards windows 7 treiber herunterladen.

A friend introduced Miguel to a store owner from Bolivia. Miguel asked him for employment but the owner said no and instead told him to go to school vogelstimmen herunterladen. Knowing that this was not an option, Miguel persisted and on the third day, the merchant’s wife took pity on him and gave him work Miguel started with a salary of $150.00 a week word testversion herunterladen. He started selling piñatas, then arranging the merchandise in the warehouses, until he was promoted to cashier. During his first year of work, his employer opened another store and asked Miguel to manage it for him sims testversion kostenlos downloaden. He worked there for three years managing various stores. In the third year, his employer had managed to open four stores. By that time Miguel had acquired an entrepreneurial spirit and came across an opportunity to open a small restaurant with money he had saved from his small weekly salary of $280.00

Miguel spoke to his employer about the opportunity, but the employer did not want to support him spiele kostenlosen ios. His response was “how can an employee of mine have a business near me.” That answer gave Miguel the strength to continue with his entrepreneurial plan video von whatsappen. Miguel spoked to the owner of the restaurant for sale and bought it at a low price, acquiring it in three payments. When he returned to his job to resign, his employer scoffed at his plan, telling him that he was going to be a failure and that he was going to loose his money facebook video downloaden iphone. Miguel replied, “We will see, we will see.”  He started his new enterprise by only selling two hamburgers a day. With perseverance Miguel began to see the fruits of his labor youtube music to.

From 1994 to 2004 the restaurant was located in a shopping center in Los Angeles. The owner of the shopping center recognized Miguel’s leadership quality and asked Miguel to help him manage the shopping center by giving him a $1500.00 monthly rent discount in exchange for his managerial role.

In 2009, Miguel’s philanthropic side flourished and he began working with various Salvadorean non-profits helping the community. He learned that a group was working on getting a city ordinance to find a location within the inner city for the Salvadorean diaspora. The organization was granted an area which they named “The Salvadorean Corredor”,  14 city blocks along Vermont Ave. starting from 11th Street to Adams Blvd.  This was the opportunity Miguel was waiting for to open his new restaurant in the Pico-Union area and at the same time help the community. He spoke with the association to be able to use the name “El Corredor” and they agreed.  That’s how the name for his new restaurant was born in 2010. Miguel decided to prepare a menu that included a variety of popular dishes from his 20 plus years in the restaurant business.  Thank you for your support and patronage.